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Get the results you want with the approach your dog needs.

Dog Trainer Central Coast

Understand your dog. Strengthen your bond.

Hi, I’m Belinda and my approach to dog training is different.

I’ll work with you so you understand what drives and motivates your dog as well as the role that it’s genetics play.

I’ll then teach you how to use it to your advantage in training and strengthen your relationship together.

Providing personalised dog training lessons that will not only be best for your dog but that work for your lifestyle and commitments.

Private Dog training

From basic dog obedience to addressing dog behavioural issues. I offer private lessons at the convenience of your own home or nearby park.

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Puppy Dog Training

Setting owners up for success with puppy training from management in the home, obedience, play and socialisation.

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Online Dog Training

For those who would like one on one dog training but are perhaps a little far or need flexibility with work hours, an online session is a great option.

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Stay and Train Program

Intensive in home training and dog boarding program. Have peace of mind knowing your dog is getting undivided one on one training based on your dog’s individual needs.

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– Testimonials –

Belinda came to my house to help me with trianing my puppy golden retriever and two French bulldogs. She was amazing at explaining the techniques to me and my husband and her techniques worked! She was so lovely and patient with our dogs and you can really see how much love she has for dogs. I would definitely recommend Belinda to any who’s looking for a dog trainer.

Toni, Puppy and Behavioural training

Highly recommend Belinda. It’s only been a week since she visited us and went through training techniques, and we’ve already seen a huge change in our dog. Love her work!

Anja, Behavioural Training

Excellent. Belinda gave us a good assessment of the causes of Noah’s issues and accurate assessment of how to treat the causes. Within two weeks we had a much happier, people focused dog, who had a job to do. This is what every Border Collie likes. He knew the expectations of this strange world. Noah was a rescue dog who had minimal human interaction and had missed the socialisation period. 

Claire, Behavioural Training

Can’t see an option that works for you? Contact me with any questions.

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