I am a dog lover and trainer based on the Central Coast with formal accreditation in Dog Psychology, Behaviour and Training. Passionate about building lasting fulfilled relationships between owners and their dogs. As a mother of two kids and two dogs, I also love teaching little ones what it means to be a responsible dog owner, empowering the next generation to lead the way.

I have always worked with dogs since I was young. Be that volunteering with rescues, working my own dogs on the farm, showing dogs, training dogs in sports to also having the opportunity to work with some very talented trainers and dog sport competitors. After being on the coast for the last few years, I found options for families outside of puppy classes was some what limiting. Group classes certainly have their advantages, but was getting feedback that the personalised level of service that set people up for success in the long term was harder to find. Increasingly also seeing a lack of understanding and appreciation for the role that genetics play in training as well as a lack of experience when dealing with more serious high drive dogs. So I made a decision to leave my normal day job and start Kindred K9s.

With all dogs regardless of age, I believe it’s important for them to develop a happy attitude towards training and establishing yourself as a confident leader. It should be a fun experience for both your dog and yourself, it should never feel like a chore. This is a key focus for me when working with anyone.

When you have engagement and clear communication with your dog, the relationship only grows stronger.

I build programs and use approaches which are going to be best for your individual dog and circumstance. The learning principles for dogs is consistent, but what motivates your dog, what thresholds it has, play style etc all differs.

Love the dog in front of you and appreciate your dog for everything they are and everything they are not. Some owners put too much stress on themselves because their dog won’t respond to a certain training method or act like another dog that they saw down at the beach. I believe it’s important to take into account your dogs individual temperament, breed, likes and dislikes, thresholds and motivators. From there you can build the right approach and set yourself and your dog up for success.

Rio and I achieving our BH together

Formal Qualifications
  • NDTF Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training – One of only two nationally recognised qualifications

  • Bachelor of Business
  • Certificate in Dog Psychology, Behaviour and Training

  • Working With Children certification