So you have a new puppy? Raising a puppy is a big commitment. Some owners can feel overwhelmed and often attending a group puppy class isn’t enough to really address a longer term plan for you and your young dog. This is where I can help, particularly for those who have a young family at home, are first time dog owners or perhaps have a high drive working dog that they want to have a solid plan in place for.

Puppy Schools can be great however getting your puppy to focus and engage with you is THE most important thing, before you start layering in distractions such as other dogs. From pups as young as 8 weeks who can’t safely be placed in public setting’s given they aren’t fully vaccinated, I work with owners in the convenience of their home with private lessons to make sure they are building all the right foundations to set them up for success now and in the future.

I help inform you on all aspects of raising a puppy, not just your basic obedience. From toilet training, management in the home, obedience, play and socialisation, through to more niche situations such as how to manage your rambunctious puppy around small children or perhaps introducing them safely into a multi dog home.

Puppy Training Private Lessons.

  • $210 for 1.5hr initial in home session + training notes.

  • $110 for individual follow up session’s.

  • Discount applied for multiple pre-paid sessions.

Note: For locations requiring over 20km of travel an additional travel charge may apply.

  • Initial 1.5hr initial consultation. Follow up consultations 1hr.

  • Understanding your current situation and alignment on your goals with your puppy.

  • Understanding your pup’s temperament, genetic needs based on breed, looking at appropriate play and enrichment outlets.

  • Working through foundations and hands on training session with your puppy. From building clear markers, basic obedience exercises, recall, toilet training etc.

  • Personalised training package will be sent to you within two days of initial consult. This provides a detailed breakdown of focus areas and training instructions to follow at home. Depending on your needs this covers training, feeding and play/exercise breakdown.

  • Follow up phone consultation to run through any questions and video share for feedback and progression.