If you after more of a refresher on your obedience or perhaps wanting some support on raising your new puppy but aren’t in a position to attend in person lessons, online dog training sessions are a great option.

Every lesson is personalized to your individual needs, with virtual demonstration training sessions.

Online Dog Training

Virtual Training Sessions

  • $130 for initial 1hr virtual session

  • $85 for 1hr follow up session’s.

  • Initial 1 hour initial consultation. Follow up consultations 1hr.

  • Understanding your current situation and alignment on your goals.

  • Understanding your dogs temperament, genetic needs based on breed, looking at appropriate play and enrichment outlets.

  • Working through key training exercises with virtual demonstration using one of our personal dogs so you can replicate.

  • Personalised training package will be sent to you within two days of initial consult (not included in follow up sessions). This provides a detailed breakdown of focus areas and training instructions to follow at home. Depending on your needs this covers training, feeding and play/exercise breakdown.